Syndication of Real Estate

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Do you have a project that needs more capital before you can move forward?  This is often the case.  Perhaps you know someone who owns land and would like to build an apartment building on the land.  The owner may not have enough funds to move through soft costs (or does not want to put out the money).  Marshalling a few investors to cover the soft costs plus some working capital can allow for a project to move toward construction.

Often one of the partners will need to be the guarantor for the construction loan.  Sometimes the land can be sold for a nice profit after soft costs have been completed and before construction begins, thus not requiring a guarantor for a construction loan.  Also, after the soft costs are completed, it is a prime property to be targeted by an Opportunity Zone Fund (if the property is located in an Opportunity Zone.

Syndicating a property investment can be a way to get a project off the ground when it is stuck due to lack of funds.  Legal advice is a must when venturing into syndication.

Bernstein Financial Services can guide you during the syndication process to a successful project completion.