What Is A Living Trust? 400 400 BERNSTEIN FINANCIAL SERVICES 2019

What Is A Living Trust?

Good morning. This is Michael Bernstein of Bernstein Financial, Your Working Out Accountant. This morning this is a Sunday on Pacific Beach California, San Diego. Doing a jog of about four or five miles. This installment of your Tax Tips is on Living Trusts. This one is gonna be an introduction because it is multi-part, so…

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Covid 19 Docs 2298 1686 BERNSTEIN FINANCIAL SERVICES 2019

Covid 19 Docs

Coronavirus Information For You GET YOUR FREE PDF GUIDE HERE! Dear business owner, https://vimeo.com/403188831 Bernstein Financial is dedicated to assisting you with update information regarding the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act during this medical crisis, and the related economic crisis.  Personal financial challenges will vary based on each of your situations, and BFS…

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Multi-Unit apartment construction 1500 1125 BERNSTEIN FINANCIAL SERVICES 2019

Multi-Unit apartment construction

Cash flow from first shovel to rent stabilization: Having enough funds to handle cash flow disruptions during an apartment construction project can save money, time, trouble, and perhaps the entire project. In the construction phase, the construction loan company will constantly inspect to see that the progress of the project matches the request for funds…

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Assembly Bill No. 5 1500 993 BERNSTEIN FINANCIAL SERVICES 2019

Assembly Bill No. 5

The “Independent Contractors” (IC) issue has been a sticky issue for contractors and developers for a long time.  There are rules related to IC’s that originate with a contractor’s license, another set of rules that the State of California uses, and finally, a third set of rules utilized by the Federal Government (the IRS). The…

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Syndication of Real Estate 1500 938 BERNSTEIN FINANCIAL SERVICES 2019

Syndication of Real Estate

Do you have a project that needs more capital before you can move forward?  This is often the case.  Perhaps you know someone who owns land and would like to build an apartment building on the land.  The owner may not have enough funds to move through soft costs (or does not want to put…

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Opportunity Zones 1500 1000 BERNSTEIN FINANCIAL SERVICES 2019

Opportunity Zones

A new set of tax laws were recently passed expanding the tax rules commonly known as 1031 exchanges.  In the past, only investment real property qualified for the 1031 tax laws.  The new laws expanded the qualified property for exchanges to allow property such as stock gains to be deferred into real property construction projects…

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1031 Exchanges 1500 844 BERNSTEIN FINANCIAL SERVICES 2019

1031 Exchanges

A commonly used technique for deferring gain from one investment property to another is utilizing the code section known as 1031.  This code section allows owners of an investment property (rental property) to sell the property and defer the gain to another “like kind” property. There are a few important conditions, like identifying like kind…

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